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Shockwave Player Download

Finding The Fun In Bingo

We all have our favourite games, whether it is gunning down bad guys in the latest shoot 'em up or a simple game of Chinese checkers. For the general public in the United Kingdom, there is one game in particular that is generating the most traffic: online bingo

The reasons for bingo's online popularity are varied, although the game does spring from a well-heeled tradition and history in the UK, though we cannot claim to have invented it. That lofty title resides with the Italians, with the creation of Lo Giouco del Lotto d'Italia in the sixteenth century. However, despite inventing the game so many years ago, the Italian public cannot enjoy its online variant due to a nationwide ban - although bizarrely they can enjoy the game in traditional bingo halls! While Italy is currently running through a process of appeal (much to the delight of the Italian public), we are able to enjoy the game in all its glory, and it is worth reminding ourselves of exactly what it is that we love about the game.

Fun and Friendship

Bingo is not just about playing a game with an opportunity to win prizes, although this is a happily beneficial side-effect! Online bingo presents players with the social opportunities that they might otherwise not enjoy. Much like social networking sites such as Facebook they provide players with the opportunity to enjoy live chatting while participating in games online.

Improving Your Game

The opportunity to chat does not necessarily take the eyes from the prize. As the game rolls on, naturally the talk can be centred around the balls, calls and plays that appear before the very eyes of the community. Ergo, as play spins round the online bingo players are more than willing to share hints and tips with the others as there is no edge to be gained in this, the most communal of games.

Thus, the game unfolds and the jokes roll out. One player wins and the others celebrate the triumph. Of course, many online bingo sites have Facebook pages as well, bringing the community together a step further. After all, it is this community that makes the game the great institution that it is.




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